Daughters Come Home

It started in a bar. Not just any bar. We had chosen this bar with a particular purpose in mind. A girl was there, one we knew, a girl we spent time with on the beach only a couple weeks ago. I’m on edge tonight and I am not sure why. Maybe its the larger number of men out tonight than the previous night. More men seem to feel compelled to talk to us as well. I am not ok with talking to the men and I feel very uncomfortable when one comes near. They are clearly uncomfortable with us being there as well because they are justifying their presence there with many excuses, excuses that mean nothing to me. They are still here.

As I sit at the table with my iced coffee, in walks the girl we have come for. My heart leaps as I see my beautiful sister come over. She gives us all heartfelt hugs and the next several moments are filled with conversation about when she will come home. It is soon. As we walk out of the bar, I am full of hope. I whisper a prayer for my sister and begin to walk on. I can see Melissa behind me and decide to join her in her conversation with a group of girls outside one of the bars. One of the girls asks why we are here and Melissa tells her we are missionaries. As soon as she hears that, she immediately shows interest. When Melissa tells her we help girls go to school, she can hardly contain her excitement. She tells us to text her and then begins hugging us. She hugs me tightly and then holds my hand and says “I am your new younger sister.” My heart bursts and its all I can do to hold back the tears. Then she tells me “This is my first time to come outside on the street. I am so blessed that I met you!” As I hug her one last time, I can only feel hope. God has a plan for this beautiful girl and all I want is to see this daughter come home.

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