I Look Forward

For those of you who might not know, I am still going on the World Race: Expedition Route. The difference is, I will leave at the end of March rather than in January, giving me some extra time to gather the necessities and prepare for all that this route holds. A friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that people may think I am doing the World Race simply because it is the next “cool” or “adventurous” thing to do. I recognize that this might be how others may view this trip and I get it. It kind of looks like I’m thrill-seeking or looking for the next big adventure. But believe me when I say this is far from the truth. Choosing this route was a difficult decision. A previous blog I wrote describes the process of making this decision, so be sure to check that one out.

I wanted this blog to be more hopeful. I want to invite you to dream with me about the coming eleven months and what they might hold. I want to talk about what I look forward to in taking this trip. These are not numbered and they are in no particular order because, honestly, they hold their own unique place in my heart. I’m trying to de-compartmentalize my life from “this is spiritual, this is not,” and live in such a way that I recognize everything in my life is “spiritual” because I am a spiritual being. Enjoying the amazing food I’m eating is just as much worship to the Father as singing a song or saying a prayer. So, without further ado, I look forward to…

I look forward to meeting my team
Every time I have the opportunity to go somewhere to spread the hope of Jesus, I get to do so with a team. The beauty of being a part of the Body of Christ is that everywhere I go, I have family there. I get to meet new people who also love Jesus and want to make Him famous all over the world. This creates fast friendships that last a lifetime and means that I am constantly with family. I am constantly amazed at how quickly bonds are made and how deeply they run. These are ties not easily severed for they are ties of blood.

I look forward to all the great food!
One of the perks of traveling is that I always get to eat new food. Now, this can mean delicious food, like the coconut curry of Thailand, or it can mean the really weird and “I’m not sure this should be consumed” food, like the balut of the Philippines. Either way, it is always fun to try new things, and food is a great way to get to know a culture.


I look forward to the kids
I really love kids. I love playing with them, talking to them, holding them when they’re tired, kissing their booboos, etc. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, to nurture and care for children, and to see them grow up knowing their worth and identity. While this is not a season of motherhood for me right now, I always love the opportunities I get to spend with children, spoiling them with kisses and smiles. They are truly gifts from God and I look forward to all of the kids I will get to hold in the eleven months to come.


I look forward to meeting the people
Meeting the people of a new culture is always my favorite part of travel. There is always so much to learn from each culture and so many gifts that they have to give us. It is an honor to spend time with the people. It is also an honor to have the opportunity to tell them of the hope that is in our beautiful savior, Jesus. This may sound cliche, but really, there is nothing better than telling a hopeless person that there is hope. The light in their eyes, the way they get excited because they know what we say is the truth. There is nothing quite like it. And to tell someone this for the very first time? To show someone with an unkown longing in their heart what they are longing for, what they have been searching for? How much better can it get?! For eleven months, I will get to lay down my life in order for those who have never heard to have that chance, and I can’t wait!


I look forward to the signs and wonders
Where there is someone hungry to know God, signs and wonders are not far behind. Scripture tells us this is what signs and wonders are for, to point people to Jesus, not just so we can have a nice show to tell people about. Signs and wonders, healing and words of knowledge, all those New Testament, power packing, “crazy” things, that’s what I want to see happen as we share Jesus with these unreached peoples. Not just so I can have a nice blog to write or some cool stories to tell, but because I want to see people set free, healed, redeemed and reconciled to a God who loves them beyond comprehension!

I look forward to the weird things that will happen
It never fails: weird things happen to those who travel. I can’t tell you all of the weird, crazy things that have happened to me and those I know over the years because then I’d be writing a book! I look back on those moments and I can’t help but laugh. I love to tell those stories, to think back on those moments and remember how frustrated I was, or how scared or unsure. These are the moments that have come to make me who I am today. They have shown me the humor in life and that it’s ok to not take life so seriously. They remind me that I am not in control and that I am protected by an incredible Father

There are so many things I am looking forward to as I prepare for this coming season of life. What about you? Are you entering a new era of life? What are you looking forward to in the months ahead? Tell me in the comments below! I would love to hear about your hopes and dreams!

If you’re interested in helping make these dreams a reality and sowing into the Kingdom, please consider making a donation. Visit chelsearay.theworldrace.org and click the Support Me! link on the left side! All donations are tax deductible and go towards making Jesus known to the nations!

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