City on a Hill

This morning, I awoke to news about the attacks in Paris. As I read of the terror that rocked the nation, and rocks other nations daily, my heart broke for the individuals who have just endured such terrible things at the hands of extremists who are more lost and broken than I can imagine. But, compassion and sympathy were not the only feelings that crept into my heart as I read. A feeling very familiar began to creep in: fear.


The very word ISIS immediately pulls out emotions like fear, anger, worry, etc. in most people. It is a normal reaction to this thing called terrorism. It’s meaning is to place terror in the hearts and minds of it’s victims, leaving them paralyzed and unable to react. But, we are not most people. We who have answered the call of Christ, we are the called out ones, set apart. Our citizenship is not in America or anywhere in this world. Our citizenship is in a much greater Realm where fear has no place. The realm where love rules and fear hides in terror.


As this realization hit me, I began to ask, “What does this information do for me? How does knowing that I am an alien and wanderer of this world make a difference?”

My question was met with another question: “In a crisis, who do the frightened flock to? Who do they look to for confidence, boldness, guidance?” I don’t know why, but when I think of this type of thing, my mind always goes straight to the movie Titanic. I think of the scenes in which the ship is sinking, people are panicking, but there is a group of musicians who choose not to succumb to fear and instead play music, helping bring calm to the impending doom. There are those who are, in the midst of the storm, filled with peace, and people in fear are drawn to the fearless ones.


We are called to be these fearless ones in a fearful and uncertain world. We who are not bound to this realm are called to live according to a higher way, one of love and peace. We are the light in the darkness, the city of refuge on a hill for all to see. Why do you think the world always seems to see when the Church fails?


But Christ is in us, the light of the world, the only hope of glory. When we walk in peace in a fearful world, the fearful are drawn into the peace that passes understanding and sets us free.

This, dear ones, is how the world will know the love of Jesus. Love conquers fear, everytime.


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