I Was Afraid of the Dark

When I was young, I was afraid of the dark. That may be putting it mildly. In fact, I was terrified of the dark. While others found night to be the time for rest and peace, I found torment. Night terrors haunted my pillow and I awoke to no reprieve, with voices telling me they would kill me and creatures moving around the room. The fear when I awoke was so debilitating, I would lay in bed yelling until my mother’s soothing voice came with God’s Word on her lips. “God has not given you a spirit of fear, Chelsea, but one of power, love, and a sound mind,” she would say. I would fall back to sleep with those words floating in my mind.

The fear got so bad, I couldn’t enter a room without turning on the light in that room, and every light that got me to that room. I used to get in trouble for leaving lights on all over the house. I couldn’t see what crept in the shadows, but when the light was on, all was right again because light exposes what is hidden in the shadows. Light brings a sense of comfort.

I think that’s why one of the names for Jesus is Light of the World.

When Jesus walks into the room, all darkness ceases to exist. We are comforted once again because we can see. And the beauty of it is, the Light of the World actually lives in me. Therefore, when I walk into darkness, it is the darkness that must run squealing.

One night, I was driving home and I heard God in my spirit ask me, “Chelsea, can darkness overcome light?”

“What do You mean?” I replied.

“Does light and darkness struggle? When you turn on a lightbulb, does the light have to struggle with the dark?”

“No,” I said. “Darkness is just gone.”

“So it is with Me. It is no contest. I am the light and darkness will always flee where I Am.”

It has been years since that conversation happened, but I have never forgotten it. I have never forgotten because I have experienced it. I have seen darkness flee, not because I had the right words to say or the right things to do, but simply because the Light was in me.

I am no longer afraid of the darkness. In a strange turn of events, I actually find myself drawn to it. I choose not to turn a blind eye to the darkness that ravages this world, taking with it the life and love that was meant to reign. Instead, I yearn to enter the darkness because I know what it feels like to cower in it, to believe there is no hope of ever coming out of it. I also know the beautiful comfort of Light. I long for those who cower in darkness to find the Light. They don’t know He’s here. They don’t believe there is any hope for them, for they have only known darkness.

But I have met the Light of the World.

They must be told there is hope. They must be shown the Light. We who have the Light are responsible for sharing Him with all of creation! Let us not cower with our Light, hoping that somehow the darkness will find it’s way to the Light. Let us take our Light to the dark world.

How can you bring the Light of the World into the darkness around you? Share in the comments!

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