His Delight

These are the musings of a young woman who should be sleeping…so, fair warning, this could just be rambling. But, maybe not.

Maybe I am lovestruck.

Yes, I’m still that crazy lady that travels a lot, eats weird things, and tells far-fetched stories. And, yes, I’m madly in love.

He’s pretty awesome. He’s really strong, smart, funny, and quite extraordinary (you might say he’s “supernatural”). He’s crazy about me, too. That’s the great thing. I didn’t initiate this love and I never will. He’s a first-move kind of guy… or being. He’s not a man, he’s much different than a man, in fact.

This is so cheesy, I know. I’m writing this thinking, “Well this went somewhere different than I expected.” Sometimes, you set out to write one thing, and something completely different comes out and you’re left wondering where the crap that came from. That’s what I’m doing right now. Ok, interruption finished.

This whole thing came about when I started thinking about what happened today. My four-year-old nephew is staying the weekend with us while my brother and sister-in-law move. He’s a fun guy to hang around, so I was pretty happy (as in, crazy excited) to see him when I got home. He loves Paw Patrol (I might vomit if I have to watch that video again), puzzles, and water. He loves to play in the water. So, it came as no surprise when he asked if he could play with his toys in the sink. Of course, the sink was full of dishes, so I told him we would need to clean the dishes before he could play. I asked if he would like to help me, and, enthusiastically, he replied that he would. So he and I set out to get the dishes done, he on a small step ladder playing with the faucet and occasionally cleaning off a dish while I set the dishes he cleaned off in the dishwasher. It wasn’t exactly efficient, but that really wasn’t the point.

As my nephew and I did the dishes, a song began to play that takes me to another place every time I hear it.

Give me the One my soul delights in

Give me the One in whom my hope is securely found

Give me the One my soul delights in

Give me the One in whom my hope is securely found

Give me Jesus

Give me Jesus

You can have all this world

Just give me Jesus

I began singing along and I felt the yearning in my heart that comes when I hear his name: Jesus. In my heart, I said, “Even this, you can have. I just want you.” I was looking at my nephew and thinking of the desire I have to be a mother. I’ve wanted, since I was a kid, to be a wife and mother. Perhaps not in the white picket fence, SUV, soccer mom sort of way, but to partner with someone in bringing Kingdom and raising world-changing children all through love… yes to that.

As I told Jesus he could have it, that I would still be content without it, I heard him speak to my heart, “It is my delight to give you these things.”  

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